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Spontiphoria is a unique concept located in the heart of Jumeirah that combines both a bakery and a boutique. We strongly believe in the warmth and joy that home-made sweets bring and the delicious goodies made in our bakery.
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Check out our rich and fresh flavors of our cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, traybakes, and other desserts all reflect our attention to detail and are reminscent of the days when there was nothing as delicious as a good, home-made cake.
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Looking to get in touch with us, whether its to make a booking for an upcoming event or drop us comments and suggestions about our store. Click on the link below and fill up our interactive form and we will get back to you.
A Unique concept located in the heart of Jumeirah
We believe that food (especially dessert!) has the ability to bring people together and that there is nothing as beautiful as sharing a meal (or a snack) with the people that you care about- and when that food is all the better the experience is all the more sweet! Our boutique is also run with the same love and care given to our yummy eatables. There is nothing like delicate and feminine clothes, jewelry, kitchen items, stationery, or just about anything! Each piece is handpicked and we are constantly adding new and unique items to our collection that are sourced from around the world.
Delicious Desserts, Feminine Gifts, and Gorgeous Eveningwear.
Each piece is handpicked by Sidiqa Sohail, the managing director and owner.
All our desserts are freshly prepared in store with fresh and natural ingredients.
An increasing exquisite collection of feminine gifts sourced from around the world.

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    Come over on Thursday the 26th of February and enjoy loads of our new desserts!...